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We pride ourselves on high quality
and standard of care
At Animal Medical Center of Kansas City, we strive to work with you and your pet to help strengthen your bond and enable you to live a happy healthy life together. We pride ourselves on our high quality services and standard of care.

Our Team

Our staff will take the time to make sure both you and your pet have a good experience at each and every visit. The relationships we build with our patients and their owners are important to us. Our veterinarians want to provide a trusted source of veterinary care for pets for their whole lifespan, from puppy- or kitten-hood to senior care.

Our Services

Wellness exams at our clinic provide necessary vaccinations in addition to catching diseases in their early stages. Keeping your pet up-to-date helps ensure their long and healthy life. Part of routine care also includes dentistry, as poor oral hygiene contributes to a variety of health concerns if left untreated. If your pet has not yet been spayed or neutered, we also offer affordable options to prevent animal overpopulation and to keep your pet healthy.

We offer convenient boarding options for your pets as well. These services can be especially useful for animals that may have special needs or certain medical conditions.

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High Quality Veterinary Care

We pride ourselves on our high quality services and standard of care.

We strive to work with you and your pet

Animal Medical Center of Kansas City is proud to provide skilled and comprehensive veterinary services in the Kansas City, Waldo, Brookside, Leawood, Ward Parkway, Mission Hills, Prairie Village and Overland Park communities.