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Identifying Stress in Your Pet

The holiday season can be an incredibly stressful time for humans, and it can be just as stressful for our pets. While we might not realize it, all of the changes in routine—from visiting family to hosting houseguests—can cause a great deal of

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Care for Your Pet's Teeth: Pet Dental Care Near Overland Park

By the time they are three years old, the majority of pets develop periodontal disease if they do not receive regular dental care. If it is not treated, it may also lead to pain, difficulty swallowing, and other severe issues.

For pet dental care

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A Vet in Kansas City Discusses Summer Pet Safety

Summer will be here soon, and now is a great time to get out and enjoy time with loved ones. Sadly, sunny summer days and pets don’t always mix. When the temperature climbs, knowing how to safeguard your dog or cat is crucial. At Animal Medical

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Tips from a Kansas City Veterinarian: New Year’s Resolutions to Help Your Pet Stay Healthy

The New Year has begun, and it’s a time for fresh beginnings and positive life changes. While you may have committed to eating healthier, working out, and spending less money, you may not have considered how you can make 2022 a healthier year for

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A Few Tips For Responsible Dog Ownership Month From Your Vet near Leawood

Did you know September is the American Kennel Club’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month? It’s a perfect time to make sure you’re doing everything you can for your dog, and your vet near Leawood has some tips to help you out.

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Everything You Need to Know About Microchipping in Kansas City

With May being Chip Your Pet Month, it's a wonderful time to educate yourself on the benefits and importance of having your canine companion or feline friend microchipped. According to the American Humane Association, approximately one in three pets

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